Is Film Much better than Digital for Weddings?

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Like a professional wedding professional photographer I recieve this requested greater than other things. Rarely will somebody ask me about my photography education, awards, or professional memberships. In my opinion the main for this question depends on misinformation concerning the different characteristics of film and digital.


For any professional photographer without any computer experience or who not need to take the time correcting digital files film is what you want. Film enables the professional photographer to photograph a marriage or event and also at the finish during the day be achieved using the process. When it’s time to print the pictures the photo lab will require proper care of color balance adjustments and retouching.

From the technical aspect film includes a wider dynamic range than digital. What this means is compared to high contrast scenes film has got the edge. It may handle them better without blowing the highlights.


The finest advantage for digital may be the charge of the photo taking process at the disposal of the artist. The professional photographer isn’t longer subject to the lab to make a photo that reflects his inspiration and vision.

Digital enables the professional photographer to shoot more frames without the fee for film and development, which could result in a far more complete coverage. Following the event the professional photographer simply edits the bad photos and also you because the customer finish track of the very best selection during the day.

Digital medium is fantastic for backup. Multiple copies from the event can concurrently appear in different locations in case of a catastrophe. With film there’s always just one copy from the negatives, that could be duplicated, however the second copy suffers significant quality degradation.

With digital you’ll be able to produce different versions of the identical photo including black and white-colored, color, sepia, etc. through a simple process.

Digital enables for any faster workflow. In case your professional photographer offers digital gallery previews your photographs could be available within hrs for viewing and ordering. Additionally, slide shows and DVDs could be created for that client.

Digital retouching at the disposal of a specialist can make amazing results.

Since there’s no chemistry involved to build up digital digital process is much more eco-friendly.


When it comes to resolution both film and digital can establish similar results. Using the creation of 11 megapixel and above digital camera models, digital has got the edge for enlargements because of its lower noise levels and the possible lack of grain.

Many purist talk from the film look, that is essentially film grain and noise that provides film its look. This film look may be easily simulated with digital image processing techniques.

Lots of people could be surprised to understand that many photo labs will scan film just before printing. Quite simply direct film to print is really a myth. Digital photos when printed on true photo paper are virtually indistinguishable using their film counterparts.

Exactly what does the show versus. digital war way to the customer? I have faith that when choosing a marriage professional photographer the customer has to pay attention to the end result greater than other things. In the finish it does not matter when the professional photographer uses film or digital. What really counts is the caliber of the pictures that she or he will produce for your wedding event.

You will find negative and positive photographers using film or digital. Your career like a client would be to get rid of the poor quality ones and choose a professional photographer which will capture beautiful recollections of your wedding event.