Top 4 Ways You Can Still Watch VHS Tapes

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Imagine the memories you or your loved ones have captured over the years on your various VHS tapes. Perhaps they’re stored in your basement or some boxes in your house. While many physical media items may last a long time, the most common form of preserving videos or pictures nowadays is digital.

Whether you are looking for a way to share family memories or you want to convert your old VHS tapes of television shows into a long-lasting format, these methods can provide a great picture and sound quality for years to come.

As technology progresses, digitalization becomes more accessible than ever. It also allows you access to all your important moments with a swipe of your hand or a touch of your mouse on your phone and computer. Showing your extended family or friends who live across the globe an old VHS tape has never been easier than converting VHS to a digital service.

1.     Use Televisions With VHS Systems Already Installed

A VHS to digital service is excellent for preserving and sharing a tape collection, but sometimes it can be easier just to watch the tapes themselves. If you already own an older television, you may be able to watch VHS tapes quickly at your house with minimal fuss. Whether you’re hosting a party and want to reminisce about old times or even have a movie night with an old film you recorded years ago, using a TV with a built-in VHS player is valuable and straightforward.

Finding one in a secondhand shop or online may be possible if you don’t own a TV with a VHS player. Even asking around, such as friends at work, may help you locate someone willing to lend you or sell you one. A surprising amount of people may have VHS-ready televisions in their basements or attics. Considering VHS was once one of the only ways to record a television show or play a home video, you may find a local store or person who owns a working one.

2.     Turn Your Tapes Into Digital Files

If you decide to convert VHS to digital service, the first step is to collect all your old VHS tapes. Knowing whether you want to transfer the VHS tapes into digital files or onto a DVD can help you choose where to look next for a VHS to digital conversion.

Not only does this make these videos more portable, but it also allows you to store them on your phone or other mobile devices. With high-quality transfers, it can feel like you’re watching a VHS for the first time every time you watch a video.

3.     Look for Ways To Play Legacy Media

It may be hard to find a TV with a VCR attached, but a separate VCR may be easier to obtain. If possible, check whether your HDTV at home has any component or composite inputs. These analog jacks let you hook up an old VHS player to your television with only a few extra steps. Not only can this possibly save you time and money, but it can also allow you to show other people your VHS tapes in the comfort of your own home.

With the digital world moving so fast nowadays, it can be hard to know what old devices work with new technology, and many cannot. Thankfully, even if you can’t find or hook up a VCR, you don’t need to throw away old VHS tapes or give up on ever seeing them again. Whether you taped your child’s birthday party or a rerun of your favorite television program, you can watch it again on screen if you have them converted.

4.     Convert VHS Tapes to DVDs

While some older televisions can play VHS tapes, modern computers and televisions mainly can only play DVDs. If you use a transfer VHS to DVD service, you can save the video on your older tapes for yourself or other people. Precious family memories or special moments are now yours forever in a convenient, easy-to-store format. Thin discs can be stacked on your bookshelf without taking up much space.

Using a company specializing in video to digital service can benefit your VHS tapes and businesses that need many videos preserved at once. As time goes on, magnetic tapes can lose their quality, while digital files do not degrade. If you use a VHS to DVD service, you can help prevent issues with damage or age.

Enjoy Your Videos

Digitalization, as well as old VHS players, can both help you rewatch tapes you thought were too old ever to use again. Not only can you save shelf space that generally would be taken up by larger VHS tapes, but you can also mail a DVD or email a digital copy to friends or relatives living in other places. These methods are both great for anyone looking for a way to keep old memories alive.