Document scanning

Mistakes to Avoid When Scanning Documents


Document scanning might seem like a simple process on the surface as it requires placing paper inside a scanner and letting it do its job, but it can result in multiple mistakes. You can end up using the wrong type of scanner, highlighting document information, and more.

Additionally, if you have many varied types of documents to scan, it can be an overwhelming process. You might benefit from researching bulk document scanning services near you and finding a company that can scan your documents within your budget. This way, you can sit back and let the professionals use modern tech and a quick and effective scanning process to scan your documents.

Mistakes to Avoid While Document Scanning

Here are some mistakes you can avoid by hiring professional document scanning services:

Highlighting Important Details in a Document

While it might make sense to highlight essential details in a paper document, the highlighted parts will not show up when you scan the document. So, if you plan to scan documents about your business, make it a company-wide rule not to highlight the data pre-scanning. This way, you can ensure that no critical information gets lost during scanning.

Scanning Stapled Documents

Do not scan stapled documents as the staple can damage the machine. It can scratch the scanner and even distort the scanned copy. Once the scanner is damaged, it can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. Moreover, while the scanner gets repaired, you will have to deal with a backlog of documents.

Using the Wrong Document Scanner

If your company already has a scanner, make sure it can handle the load of business documents you’d want to scan. If the volume is a lot more than your small scanner can handle, it’s best to look for bulk document scanning services that can handle the load rather than investing in a new scanner and using your time and resources to scan the backlog of documents.

Keeping Paper Records On-Site

Another common mistakes businesses can make while scanning documents is leaving the scanned paper files at their workplace. If you want to keep physical copies of your documents, make sure to keep them off-site. Otherwise, you can shred the physical records or look for document digitization services that also offer shredding services.

Forgetting to Back up Your Documents

When you’re scanning documents in bulk, you can often forget to back up some of the files, putting your data at risk of getting lost. Cloud storage is infinitely more secure than USBs or hard drives for document storage as the latter can be stolen. Plus, you can encrypt the stored digital data and protect sensitive company information by limiting access to scanned documents.

How to Avoid Common Document Scanning Mistakes

Here are some steps you can take to avoid document scanning mistakes:

Keep a Data Retention Schedule

If you have a proper schedule to retain your documents, it will make it easier to track and scan the documents you’re required by law to keep and get rid of the ones that you can discard by law. Do not keep excess data in your building as it can become a liability. If you have to keep records, use an off-site storage facility with adequate security to protect company information.

Remain Compliant with the Law

Make sure to follow all federal and local government-mandated laws and regulations. You will also benefit from complying with your corporate guidelines for document safety.

Hire a Reliable Scanning Company

Instead of overloading your company scanner, use a search engine to look up “scan documents near me.” Google or your preferred search engine will show you reliable document scanning services. You can do a quick research and choose the one that suits your needs the best. Consider the volume of your documents, the scanning method of the company you want to choose, and see if they will provide you the service you require to make an informed decision. Document scanning services turn paper files into digital files so you can drive productivity, insight, and profits to grow your business.

Create a Secure Chain of Command

Your sensitive company data will go through several hands during the scanning process. So, make sure you choose individuals and a scanning service you have complete faith in to handle your documents appropriately.

Have a File Archiving System

Ensure you keep your documents organized for scanning by employing an appropriate file archiving system. When searching “scan documents near me,” you can look for a scanning company that will use intelligent bar-coded separator sheets and inserts them between your document sets to keep them organized.

Use the Appropriate Scanning Equipment & Check the Scanned Files

Lastly, make sure the scanning technicians use the appropriate scanning equipment to convert the documents into digital files. Check each document thoroughly to ensure that the digital file is framed correctly, has no blank spaces or pages, is not skewed, and has no information cut out.

Use the tips above to avoid data scanning mistakes and find a reliable scanning company for hassle-free document scanning.