5 Tips on How to Take Pictures of Amazon Products and Sell More


When it comes to Amazon sales, the quality of the photos of your products is a determining factor for the customer to decide on the purchase.

Good photographs showing the products are important for the customer to know their smallest details. But they also have another fundamental role: they serve to arouse desire and promote purchase.

If your company has funds to invest in hiring an Amazon Product photography China professional or if there is a marketing department, these are the quickest options.

Furthermore, check out the tips about how to take pictures of Amazon products and sell more:

1 – Camera or Smartphone?

When it comes to taking pictures of your products, many people are unsure whether to use a professional photo camera or a cell phone.

With each new generation smartphones gain more powerful cameras with more functions. Some models even have very powerful lenses and even manual settings.

In this scenario, is it worth investing in a dedicated camera, like DSLRs and action cameras, like the famous GoPro?

It depends on your goal.

2 – Lighting

Natural light works great for any type of photo and it is recommended that you use it whenever possible. If the photos are external, generally, shooting in the early afternoon can guarantee better results.

Indoors, evaluate the entry of natural light to check the best time. But, be careful, it’s not just the amount of light that matters, but also its correct distribution.

Ideally, you should have at least two sources of white light to be able to illuminate the product and highlight the details.

3 – Infinite background

The infinite background is a technique used in photography to highlight the product, attracting the customer’s attention directly to him, avoiding distractions. The colors of these backgrounds move between white and black and they can be made simply.

Simply place a piece of paper or white fabric behind the product, attaching it at the top with hooks and creating a slight curve, to convey the idea of depth.

Your product will be the center of the photo and the attention of those who look at it.

4 – Different Angles

Think about it this way, if your customer has never seen your product live, what impression will he have when looking at a photo on the internet?

From there, take photos from all angles of your product to show as much detail as possible.

The details of your products are very important, as they show the customer the specifications, differentials and values of what is being sold. If the product has a special design or is made of a different material, for example, it is important to make this very explicit in the photographs.

5 – Stability

For the photo to come out perfect and without blurry, it is necessary that the camera is completely fixed. A tripod, even if cheap, will ensure the stability you need when taking photos of your product, ensuring the sharpness of the images.

And make no mistake. No matter how firm your arms and hands are, nothing can replace the efficiency of a piece designed to take photos with the greatest possible stability.

You can also use the camera’s built-in timer to minimize camera shake by pressing the shutter button, maximizing sharpness.